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Peter Martin

Business and Personal Transformation

My Story

Went to Uni graduated with a Degree in Civil Engineering- not that smart but worked out how to pass exams

Worked as an Engineer for 3 years

Then went looking for a better way to make a living

Entered sales, struggled

Got sick, went to a Personal Development Course where I created a new perspective

Learnt the true meaning of responsibility and the real nature of the universe & thus the keys to achievement AND GOT WELL

Last 30 years – journey of discovery about the Brain, the Mind and Mindset and why it all starts with you and me.

Have owned and operated several retail, wholesale and direct sales businesses.

Have spoken to tens of thousands of people throughout Australia, NZ and South East Asia, in the fields of Personal Development and Transformation, Meditation, Leadership Dynamics, Network Marketing, Parenting, Relational Dynamics and Business Development.

Mentored and Coached at a personal and business level

Mentored and Coached at a personal and business level

With my wife Annette have raised 6 children into successful adults

Today I share the Secrets of


through Speaking, Writing, Travelling and Teaching.

With a Focus on harnessing your own Brain and Mind power, you can keep up to date and in touch via

Wake Up and Live Fully

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!