International new business advisory


We are focused on providing an unrivalled personal service based on 40 years’ experience in developing new business in the global market. Contracts signed in 48 countries.

Why Choose INBA?

INBA is a boutique consultancy delivering exceptional focused service to our valued clients who want to grow their business to larger markets and greater rewards.

Today, more than ever, we’re committed to our reputation and strive to raise the industry bar in delivering the best client experience possible.

  • Show leadership
  • Determine a plan
  • Make decisions
  • Get the job done

We know how to put the plan together and execute it in 2018 forward. 

All the rules have changed and if you are not changing you are falling behind.

Is this Your Business?

  • Amazon didn’t kill the retail industry, they did it themselves with high pricing & overheads
  • UBER didn’t kill Taxis, they did it themselves by limiting the number of taxis and with fare control
  • Apple didn’t kill the music industry, they did it themselves by forcing people to buy full-length albums
  • Airbnb didn’t kill the hotel industry, they did it themselves with limited availability & pricing options

Technology by itself is not the real disruptor. Being non-customer centric is the biggest threat to any business.

  • Client Service First — We place the interest of the clients first and with utmost good faith.
  • Deep Client Relationships — We aim to deliver an exceptional client experience through long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect.
  • Ethics — We are dealing with people all over the World. We will not bend any facts or rules just for personal benefit, and will always be dependable, trustworthy and reliable for all parties.

We do not have all the answers and we do not pretend to know or have all the answers, however due to experience in the global market we usually know where and who to go to and get the answers.

If you are told that someone has all the answers, please be careful as the pace of change means this is virtually impossible today.

We have a proud history of completing international business projects across a wide range of industry sectors around the World over 40 years.

  • Cold Storage and food production & distribution
  • Automated storage and materials handling using robotics and automation
  • Food manufacturing, sales and distribution (FMCG) to over 40 countries including canned, chilled, frozen and bulk products
  • Largest importer of fresh deciduous fruit into Indonesia from 16 supplier countries.
  • Construction and infrastructure technology and supply Concrete forming and chemicals, cladding and civil engineering
  • Multiple high-level government connections across multiple countries
  • Military technology transfer
  • Property development strategies (International & national)
  • International transfer of health technology (Pharma products, OTC, Genetics, Stem Cells and others)
  • Pharmaceutical joint ventures (International)
  • Strategic planning of replacement technologies as AI and robotics change the modern business landscape
  • Agricultural technology transfer & value adding strategies
  • Agricultural (better storage of emergency food supplies)
  • Smartphone App technology transfer•
  • Environmental technology & systems (clean water and sewage)
  • Biotechnology (cell signalling & others)

Our Services

  “Businesses do not do business with other businesses.    Real leaders within a business, find enough common ground, building on trust, communication and a solid relationship to want to do business with a leader in another business and deals get done.”  (Peter Fennell)

We value the long-standing relationships we have developed with our global associates, based on mutual respect and trust over 40 years of International Business.

At INBA we offer two levels of ongoing services based on our client’s needs.

Start-up Service

Comprehensive service for clients seeking Strategic New Business advice and planning, and a higher level of ongoing support through the New Business Development stage.

This service is in the assessment and implementation phase and may require;

  • On the ground business partner identification
  • Market research & competition research
  • Liaison and strategic planning
  • Agreements
  • Real-time business development, ongoing supervision, and growth assessments.
  • Working with management to meet new KPI’s set for the new business growth.

  • Personal Profiling of staff to ensure the right people are working in jobs that suit their natural strengths and are an asset to the business as fast as possible.

Strategic Administration Service

Service for clients seeking Strategic Advice.
Our role is to;

  • Advise
  • Observe
  • Monitor
  • Report
  • Troubleshoot

Strategic Advice

INBA advisers are experienced. We offer our clients well researched and specialised advice that we genuinely believe to be in the best interests of our clients.

Our handpicked team of advisers have extensive experience within the international business arena providing personal local advice to private clients from both the private and public sectors.

Part of our success is our strategy of using local partners working under our agreed strategy and budget to achieve the results desired.

Our policy is to only use a combination of our own experience of signed contracts in 48 countries as well as only using a local trusted associate native to each country we deal with. 

For example : China, Indonesia, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Chile, South Africa, and many more

Peter is an individual with unbelievable business acumen, who has mentored me for the last decade.

His insights into industry, connections, understanding of international markets and soft skills allow him to fundamentally understand the challenges an organisation is facing, break it down, strategically manage the challenge and turn any situation around.

He has continually helped me improve and challenge myself, allowing me to become not only a more successful individual, but a better person as a result. I am grateful to his ongoing

Christopher Brown

Melbourne Australia

Peter Fennell is an exceptional international businessman with considerable experience and contacts globally however he is concentrating on business particularly in Asia, the home of over 65% of the World’s population.

Peters senior management background in marketing, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, storage and distribution, global logistics, property development and construction which is invaluable to groups looking to expand into Asia.

Couple this with his strong empathy for different cultures along with his highly developed relationship and contract negotiation skills and a no-nonsense approach to getting things done Peter would be an asset to any business wanting to get a footprint in new markets.

Stuart Campbell

UK, Europe & NZ

I worked with Peter in Jakarta specifically on new business development, where he was successful in introducing many MNC opportunities to Carlson.

His success was primarily based on his strong networking and communication skills, often exceeding the brief to expand opportunities into new areas. As such he has a natural entrepreneurial vision to think outside the box and challenge existing paradigms.

His core strengths are clearly leveraging his international business experience, combined with strong work ethic, and Peter being well read, to raise the intellectual level of the conversation and understand the right questions to ask.

Christopher Brown

Geoffrey Maclean , Turkey, North Africa, Middle East

Peter is an experienced Business Development Specialist with an extensive international reach.

He is naturally a creative problem solver who thinks outside of the box.

He encourages, motivates and influences others by keeping the environment positive with his enthusiasm and positive demeanour.

Karen Prescott

Brisbane Australia

I have known Peter on both a personal and professional level. He is a true visionary and sound strategic planner with both intense business acumen and technical expertise.

Jeffrey Revels

USA, Indonesia, Australia

I worked with Peter over a five year period and in that time his dedication and commitment to innovative technologies and benchmarking has been second to none.

Peter has always demonstrated his ability through leading from the front and through continuous improvement strategies. His skills are highly sought after as a consultant and as a hands-on practitioner.

Chris Rutherford

Brisbane Australia, Turkey, North Africa, Middle East